Lydia Nsiah

lives and works in Vienna, and abroad. As visual artist and researcher she works with the in-between, abysses and gaps in media and knowledge production by means of film, photography, text and installation. She publishes and exhibits internationally on Forgetting and Remembering, Failure and Error, Decolonial Practice, Film Art and Use, and the Photofilmic.

She is part of WE ARE SICK OF IT and member of the Vienna based video and film artists‘ platform Golden Pixel Cooperative.

Art Collection Wien Museum; Residency at HANGAR – Artistic Research Center, Lisboa (PT)
Kueltuergemma Fellow at WE DEY x SPACE, Vienna
Residency at NIDA Art Colony, Vilnius Academy of Arts (LT)
research associate at the Film Collection of the Austrian Film Museum, Vienna
2015 START-Scholarship for Video- & Media Art (BKA)
DOC-Team scholarship holder (Austrian Academy of Science) and project collaborator at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for History and Society, Vienna/ PhD candidate at the Institute for Art Theory and Cultural Studies, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna; Visiting Research in Montreal (McGill University, CA), Amsterdam (EYE Film, NL) and Ivrea (IT)
Studies and Diploma in Fine Arts (Video, Art and Digital Media), Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
2003–2008 Studies and Diploma in Film and Media Studies at the University of Vienna; Visiting Research in Berlin (Humboldt & Freie Universität Berlin, DE)