Lydia Nsiah


Found Footage Film (Orig.F.: HD Video & 16mm Film, Screen.F.: 2K File/DCP), 4:3, Color, 7:30 min, Stereo, Film (Director, Camera, Editor, Production, Sound Recordings): Lydia Nsiah, Sound Design & Compositing: Hui Ye, Color Grading: Lichun Tseng, supported by the Federal Chancellery of Austria, distributed by sixpackfilm & Lydia Nsiah, 2021

virtual spiral

Camera Tracking Machine by Lydia Nsiah, 110x48x75 cm (steel construction, power wheel and control box out of acryl)

vs 1 & vs 2

Transparency Films on Light Boxes, 60×45 cm each, frame grabs from vs

Images above: virtual spiral, Solo Show, Bildraum 01, Vienna (May 6–June 4, 2021), Photos by Eva Kelety & vs (Film), frame grab 3 by Lydia Nsiah, 2021

In my work vs (or virtual spiral) I deal with the dynamics between time and body in film. On digital video and non-reliable 16mm-film the processual of time and body is visually transformed by spiraling camera movements. Alongside the film body or the outdated emulsion of the filmstrip, the camera tracking shot and the figure of the spiral play key roles in the making of the work vs. Movement of time itself, its duration as well as the bodily of time or the timely of the body are approached in film artistic ways. Here, contrary movements, distance and proximity or depth and surface enter into a dialogue with each other. The spiral runs like a thread through the film vs and its reflections in the exhibition. For creating the spiraling effect I invented a camera tracking machine and shot in-studio, operating the movements of the camera live while recording. In the exhibition virtual spiral from time to time reperforms the body rhythm of the projected film work.

On screen we see Found Footage of data centers/ recordings of the physical bodies of our omnipresent and at the same time ephemeral data cloud. Due to a multi-part film recording process the two media video and 16mm-film interfere. The digital, the analogue, artefacts, (film) layers and translations culminate. Artist Hui Ye composed the film’s immersive sound space interacting with the hypnotic and spiraling data body images.

Thanks to Hui Ye (Sound), Adia Trischler (Exhibition Intro), Lichun Tseng (Color Grading), Claudia Slanar (Artist Talk), Sira-Zoé Schmid (Bildraum 01), Christoph Freidhöfer (Technical Support), Michael Abbrederis (Frame Light Boxes)